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About CBD Herbal Oil

It’s not always easy getting older, you start to notice its harder to recover from a workout, your joints are stiffer and pop more especially in the winter and sometimes in the morning, your head feels like it is full of cotton.

I consider myself a rather healthy individual, I try to eat healthy, workout and take care of myself so I can enjoy a long life.

Now that I am in my 40’s I still consider myself young however I have noticed when I participate in daily athletic and physical activities that my body is slower to recover from the high intensity work out I put my body through.

Being a native of Indiana my wife and I love to fly out to Colorado once a year for a 3 to 4 day skiing trip. Last while we were in a grocery store we heard someone talking about CBD oil and how it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that will help you after a long day of skiing. So we decided to pick some up and give it a try to recover from our fun days on the slopes.

We took CBD oil at night after dinner and I noticed 2 differences when taking CBD. At night I would go to bed feeling extremely sore and wondering how in the world I was going to be able to ski the next day. However, I would wake up in the morning and feel amazing. It was great my body was completely recovered and ready to go. The second thing I noticed was that I had a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful sleep. Sometimes in the higher altitude, I have trouble sleeping, however, I had no issues that trip and I slept great.

I attribute the great night’s sleep and the anti-inflammatory benefits to the CBD I took the night before. I continued to take CBD the rest of the trip and noticed the same amazing effects day after day.

A couple of months after our trip I decided to look into CBD a bit more since I really didn’t know a lot about it. Not only did I discover that CBD is a wonderful anti-inflammatory I also found that CBD is being used for pain relief, anxiety and depression, to fight cancer, reduce acne, help those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and so much more.

There is so much more research that needs to be done on CBD oil however the benefits I found were amazing.

One issue I continued to run into is finding good CBD oil to buy. I noticed on Amazon or other sites that there were a lot of hemp-based oils that did not contain any CBD and were miss leading and confusing. Then I found that it’s important to find CBD oil that has been thoroughly tested to make sure you are getting quality CBD and the potency that the product states it has.

I finally decided to purchase the best CBD oil I found in bulk that I could use for myself and share with my friends and family. While doing this my passion for CBD started to grow and I finally decided I want to help educate, promote and sell CBD to anyone in the United States. And that is how was born!

We are based out of Indianapolis Indiana and sell CBD oil throughout the United States. We are small but growing and are going to be expanding our CBD inventory, creating education and informative content about CBD and how it can help pretty much anybody including pets.

We look forward to growing our site and relationships with other CBD enthusiast or individuals who are just now learning about CBD oil.

We would love to hear from you, if you have questions or comments please send us a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Jason Stanley
Twitter: @cbdherbal
Facebook: @cbdherbaloil